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Sweet Alice Bird Cage Dress

Sweet Alice Bird Cage Dress


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White and milky blue "Alice Color" sweet bird basket dress

The skirt is piled up with soft tricot tulle as if wrapped in oblate.
The luxurious gothic jacquard material contains the original rose print with a full pattern.
Rose races are luxuriously decorated on the symbolic bird basket, and frills are attached to the hem and chest with tappuri lace and fabric.
Adjustment of body size is effective with lace up on the chest, shirring on the back and ribbon on the waist.
The shoulder strap part can change the length to two stages, and the arm area can be adjusted.

Bust: Approximately 82-94cm Length: Approximately 88-90cm (not included)
97%polyester and 3%polyurethane
100% polyester
40%cotton and 60%polyester
40%cotton, 57%polyester, 3%polyurethane

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