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Princess Bloody Wedding Dress

Princess Bloody Wedding Dress


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The royal road of wedding, the blood wedding dress on the princess line

High waist switching Princess silhouette of the royal road.
A dress with an image of a large amount of blood dripping down to the hem, like oozing out of the abdomen.
The chest front part is decorated with lace and glowing spangle, giving a luxurious impression.
There is no doubt that the costume is shining, such as the decoration of the sequins that glow on the tulle.
Blood painting uses special pigments, so it does not discolor even if it gets wet.
The back can be adjusted from the bust to the waist by lace up.
Comes with pannier.

* Gloves are not included.

Bust: Approximately 84-95cm Waist: Approximately 72cm Total Length: Approximately 150cm
West: Approximately 50-80cm Total Length: Approximately 90cm

100% nylon
100% polyester

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