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Devil Cat Guremu Hoodie (3 sizes)

Devil Cat Guremu Hoodie (3 sizes)

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A lot of footprint printed casual -alfoody.

A mischievous devil cat "Grem", a cat -loving demon cat, who has a cat on top of his clothes and left footprints, is printed on his back.
I use a soft sweat material of the middle meat.
H.NAOTO padlock is attached to the zipper.



110 Size Shoulder width: Approximately 31cm Bust: Approximately 66cm Length: Approximately 36cm Sleeve length: Approximately 37cm Arms: Approximately 24cm

120 Size Shoulder width: about 34cm Bust: Approximately 70cm Length: Approximately 41cm Sleeve length: Approximately 41cm Arms: Approximately 28cm

140 Size Shoulder width: Approximately 38cm Bust: Approximately 78cm Length: Approximately 48cm Sleeve length: Approximately 51cm Arms: Approximately 30cm

100% cotton


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