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Blue Rose Veil Mask Wear

Blue Rose Veil Mask Wear


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Popular blue rose and black lace veil mask

A bewitch mask with a popular gothic blue rose pattern in H.NAOTO.
There is a dart in the nose part of the center, so it fits into the shape of the nose.
There is a droplet prevention cloth in the center.

Vertical width: Approximately 25cm Width: Approximately 29cm Lace string length: about 33cm (one side)
100% polyester

* Mask wear for this product is sold as a fashion mask.
There is no medical mask function.
* Please be careful if you have allergies and those who are sensitive to your skin.
* When washing, please wash it gently with your hands.
* The appearance of the lace pattern and the fabric pattern is different.

* Because it is made to order, it may take about 10 days before shipping.
* The specification of the desired delivery date and time will be invalid.
* If you order a summary with another product, the shipment will be "after all products are available", so if you want to receive other products first, please order separately from the ordered product. I will do it.
* Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and the size may differ from the actual product.
* Depending on your monitor environment, the color of the image may look different from the real thing.
* Except for the veil mask, it will be a reference product.

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