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Gauze Knit Painting T-SH

Gauze Knit Painting T-SH


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Punk message drawn on T-SH

I draw a pattern on T-SH with hand paint.
Hand printed like one point was applied.
The body is made of gauze -like cutsaw material.
This is a collection produced by the H.NAOTO atelier one by one.

Shoulder width: Approximately 50cm Bust: Approximately 92cm Length: Approximately 75cm Sleeve length: Approximately 70cm Arms: Approximately 30cm
100% polyester

* Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and the size may be slightly different.
* Since the product is measured by flat measurement, it is recommended that you purchase it after comparing the size of your item and the product.
* Because it is produced one by one, the image of printing and paint processing may be slightly different from the image.
* This is a unisex item.
* Except for the cut -and -sew, it will be a reference product.

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