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Japanese Leather Coating Air Face / M

Japanese Leather Coating Air Face / M


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It can be washed and light even with a leather -like texture. New maskwear that can be breathing.

It has a hard leather -like texture, but uses a material made by coating Japanese paper and rayon called Japanese leather, which can be washed with water.
It is lightly burdensome on the face, and a three -dimensional form can be put out, so you can create a space in the mask and lower the back band position to capture air from the lower jaw.

* The mouth opens with the rubber on the ear and the pulling condition of the band on the back.
* The rubber attached to the ear is longer so that it can be adjusted, so please adjust it yourself.

Vertical width: Approximately 4-13cm Width: about 18cm

60%rayon / Japanese paper (specified non -specified fiber) 40%
100% polyester
100% polyester

* Mask wear for this product is sold as a fashion mask.
There is no medical mask function.
* Please be careful if you have allergies and those who are sensitive to your skin.
* When washing, please wash it gently with your hands.
* Please note that the thickness of the rubber may change slightly depending on the stock status of the material.

* Because it is made to order, it may take about 2 weeks to ship.
* The specification of the desired delivery date and time will be invalid.
* If you order a summary with another product, the shipment will be "after all products are available", so if you want to receive other products first, please order separately from the ordered product. I will do it.
* Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and the size may differ from the actual product.
* Except for the mask, it will be a reference product.

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