Starting a trial sales to Brazil.

We have received inquiries from Brazilian customers, so we have started sales to Brazil and shipping by EMS on a trial basis.

If you order, please order after the following agreement.

It may be directly charged directly to the buyer of about 60%to 85%for 15 Real and imported tariffs as local shipping fees.

About receipt

Register from the Myin Port page of the Brazil Post Office website
It is necessary to pay the cost of local delivery and customs duties and receive registration.

about the order
After ordering, we will send the following in English by e -mail sent here.
Only those who can agree in the form of reply there will be shipped.

1) Do not refuse to receive for other reasons such as taxation

2) If it is returned for other reasons or other reasons,
You can refund the amount of expenses such as shipping and return fees.

3) The warranty is within the range of EMS transportation insurance.

Please contact us for any questions.

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