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Flower Raffle Bloody Wedding Dress

Flower Raffle Bloody Wedding Dress

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Super Raffle's volume line blood wedding dress

The raffle with a volume from the chest to the waist overlaps many layers, drawing a large wheel like a bloody flower.
It is a dropping process so that a large amount of blood drips from the chest.
Elegant lace overlaps with glossy materials on the body part, and the chest is pearl decoration.
The front part is a mini -length and short, and extends for a long time to draw a train.
It uses an ultra -thin polyester tulle, so it is much lighter than the appearance volume and does not hurt to use it on the stage.
Blood painting uses special pigments, so it does not discolor even if it gets wet.
The back can be adjusted from the bust to the waist by lace up.

* Gloves, tights and panniers are not included.

Bust: Approximately 77-88cm Waist: Approximately 70cm Total Length: Approximately 86-163cm

100% polyester

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