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Hangry Paint Crush Leggings

Hangry Paint Crush Leggings


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Leggings crashed with intense metal ink

Paint is changed by changing the left and right colors with metallic crash processing.
It is outstanding stretching because it uses a very soft cut -and -sew material.

Waist: Approximately 62-82cm Hip: Approximately 86cm Thighs: Approximately 44cm Inseam: Approximately 73cm Length: Approximately 102cm Suspension: Approximately 28cm
Image 1-3: 164cm 10-11: 163cm
100% cotton
62%polyester, 33%rayon, 5%polyurethane
* Elasticity

* This item may take about one week after payment and shipment.
* The specification of the desired delivery date and time will be invalid.
* If you order with other products, the shipping will be "after all products are available", so if you want to receive other products first, please order separately.
* Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and the size may be slightly different.
* Since the product is measured by flat measurement, it is recommended that you purchase it after comparing the size of your item and the product.
* Because it is produced one by one, the image of paint and crash processing may be slightly different from the image.
* This is a unisex item.
* Depending on your monitor environment, the color of the image may look different from the real thing.
* Except for leggings, it will be a reference product.

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